"The body, if treated well, can last a lifetime."

Noel Clarasó


Osteopathy is a manual therapy which detects, treats and prevents health problems in the human body. It is based on the principle that the wellbeing of an individual depends on the entire structure functioning in harmony. Osteopaths consider their treatments allow the body to heal itself, treating the human being as a unity of body, mind and soul.

Most people who attend an osteopath do so for help with back pain and problems related to muscles and joints. However there is a wide range of other health conditions, including asthma, digestive disorders, depression, migraines, colics in babies, etc. that osteopaths can help improve. Illness - structural, functional, emotional - is considered as a response to continuing to adapting to stressful factors.

Osteopathy is considered a health science, based on medical principles and requiring a wide knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. However it is also an art of diagnosing and treating using hands-on techniques to improve the blood, nerve and lymph supply to a damaged or unhealthy part of the body, facilitating its natural ability to self-repair and heal...

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Lourdes Cambronero Soriano

Osteopath DO and Physiotherapist

The healing process in our body is one of the most fascinating abilities of the human being. It is a privilege that part of my profession is based on observing it.Before becoming an osteopath, I worked for several years as a consecutive interpreter of English and French in the field of medicine. It is said that obstacles in life lead us to our vocations. When I was studying…

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